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Updated: Mar 12, 2020

To accurately interpret a dream, you must know the Zodiacal, Solar and Lunar cycles of Initiation, as well as the day of the week. To locate information on these influences, go to the “Tools” tab at and click on the following items listed under “Dreaming Tools:”

1. Zodiacal Astrological Calendar. Locate your time zone and click on the appropriate month. To understand the symbolic signs of the Zodiacal calendar, go to Wikipedia Astrological Symbols and scroll down to “Signs of the Zodiac.”

2. Charts: (a) Solar and Lunar Cycles of initiation; (b) Weekly Dream Themes.

To interpret your dream, I suggest you write it down as soon as possible with all corresponding feelings you experienced in the dream. It is important to approximate the time of your dream so you can accurately determine the placement of the moon. The moon has a specific influence on the dreamer, depending on where it is in its zodiacal cycle.

Once you know the placement of the moon, the Solar and Lunar Cycles of Initiation and the Weekly Dream Theme, search for your dream symbols. It will be easier to interpret the dream when you apply all the above influences.

In my next report, we will go over the initiatory process in greater detail.

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