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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

In Saturn’s Reflected Sphere Initiation one learns of his physical body. The reflected Sphere of Saturn is an electromagnetic Cosmic Sphere. Saturn’s Reflected Sphere is located and activated in nine of the thirteen etheric layers of the earth. The Saturn Reflected Sphere, in the first nine etheric layers of the earth, is the door to initiation. When one is initiated within the reflected Sphere of Saturn, he has (1) an initiatory experience within nine etheric layers of the earth; (2) he becomes acquainted with the nine orifice atoms of his physical body; (3) he learns of the chemicals, minerals, liquids and solids of the earth; (4) he searches his skeletal structure; (5) he is initiated into the memory of the generations of mankind; (6) he is initiated into form; (7) he is initiated in the power of levitation.

On entering the Saturn Reflected Sphere within the earth, one is initiated through the somber, mathematical, coordinated sounds of inner-world music. Through magnetized sensitivity in dreams and sleep, one hears the Saturn tones and begins to learn something of coordination, enabling him to gauge the true dimensions of bodies and forms; he learns to differentiate between objects created and uncreated. Thus, his discrimination powers are refined and quickened as to the law of relativity and perspective. Through the Saturn initiations, the undeveloped mystic overcomes psychical scatteredness.

More on Saturn’s Reflected Sphere Initiation in my next post.

Colton, Ann Ree, The Archetypal Kingdom. Ann Ree Colton Foundation 1988.

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