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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The Eighth Sphere Initiations occur on the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh levels of the Astral Planes which take place in the First Heaven. The First Heaven is the grace emotional body of the earth. Here one learns of his soul. All is love and soul in the First Heaven. The combined soul-light of Illumined Beings builds the body for the First Heaven. The Saints and all the Presences of the First Heaven send the First Heaven Light into the souls and the minds of men.

The Fifth Astral Plane is an Initiatory Level of the First Heaven. Here one evaluates the self, family and others; one receives correction; instruction; conscience. One visits the Labyrinths and Pavilions of Light and performs Night Ministry and Research. The Fifth Astral Plane is an initiation into the abstract plane of the astral world. It contains the reflected formulas correlated to the Greater Archetypes in the Archetypal Kingdom. A threshold plane in preparation for going into the higher levels. On the Fifth plane of the astral world, one unites with the Masters and Saints and begins his night instruction and night-ministry work. It is a Seraphim level of mind.

In my next post, I will talk about the Sixth Astral Plane of the First Heaven.

Colton, Ann Ree, The Archetypal Kingdom. Ann Ree Colton Foundation 1988.

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