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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Second Heaven is the higher mental body of the earth. The higher mental body of the earth is pictorally imaged into planes of the mind beyond the psychological.i One dreams through the superconscious in the Second Heaven. Hierarchy Light from the planets builds a body for the Second Heaven. The Seraphim Angels and the Holy Presences of the Second Heaven send the Second Heaven Light to the First Heaven.

In the Spheres of Light initiation or Second Heaven, one learns, as an adept, of his mind and will. An adept is in a state of manifestation. These initiation processes are the openers of the door to God’s perfect Kingdom and a preparation for producing a mind under Christ. Only one who has been initiated into the Spheres of Light, and has overcome the 8th Sphere, may open the records of his Guardian Angel who protect the records of the souls of men and the Recording Angels who protect the record of the works of men.

To earn the wedding garment, one must be initiated through the Spheres of light or Second Heaven. The wedding garment is the true garment or spiritual body worn by the soul. The wedding garment is a seamless garment, an eternal undying garment, not made with hands, but made with the skills of the soul.

In my next blog post we will learn more about the Second Heaven.

i Ann Ree Colton, Dream Codes.

Colton, Ann Ree, The Archetypal Kingdom. Ann Ree Colton Foundation 1988.

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