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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

In the Mercury Sphere Initiation, all thought, manifested and unmanifested, concerning man’s life in the world of the living and the dead is reflected in the Sphere of Mercury. All that is spoken, or yet to be spoken, is confronted here. In the reflected Sphere of Mercury, one learns that the thoughts unspoken belong not to the speaker. Thoughts, when spoken with creative knowing or animation, become objectified forms having life. Such thoughts are the progeny of the speaker who has spoken them. Jesus knew this power and He passed this power onto His Apostles, that man might receive the authentic embodiment of His abiding word.

In the next post, I will discuss the Venus Sphere Initiation of love.

Colton, Ann Ree, The Archetypal Kingdom. Ann Ree Colton Foundation 1988.

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