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Updated: Mar 4, 2020



The Light of Third Heaven is sent by Christ Jesus and the Father, with the Luminaries of Heaven – the Angels, the Apostles, the Celestial Angels, the Archangels, the Hierarchs, and the Holy Ghost into the Second Heaven.

Archetypal Light builds a body for the Third Heaven and correlates to the Cosmos Atom* in the center of the sun. The Archetypal Kingdom is revealed through the mastery of time whereby man comes into the mastery of space. There is a Master Archetype controlling all other Archetypes in the Third Heaven. The Christ Spirit is in command of this Master Archetype. The seamless garment of Jesus is the higher etheric body (the everlasting body) of the earth centered in the Third Heaven. The Sun’s Reflected Sphere is activated in the remaining four etheric layers of the earth and centers itself in the core of the earth.

There are three initiations within the Third Heaven. In the first initiation, one learns of his spirit. When one is initiated within the Sun’s Reflected Sphere, s/he is initiated through the trials of discipleship correlating to the Realm of Light and the Archetypal Kingdom. (All adepts having the spiritual power to enter into the Third Heaven are hearers and seers of the Archetones and the Archetypes of Heaven.)

In my next post, I will talk about the second initiation within the Sun’s Reflected Sphere.

* The Cosmos Atom is the doorway to the Central Sun and allows one to commune with the Father and learn about the Galaxies, the Universes and the Cosmos.1

1 Kaiser, Alisha R.  Journey through the Sol.  Xlibris Corp.,  2010.

Colton, Ann Ree, The Archetypal Kingdom. Ann Ree Colton Foundation, 1988.

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