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Updated: Mar 12, 2020



The third and last level of initiation within the Third Heaven is the Archetypal Kingdom or spiritual level where one unites with the Cosmos Christ, the Archangels, the Logos Angels, the Spirit of Truth (Holy Ghost) and the Greater Archetypes (or the unmanifested Word).

In the Third Heaven there are master images which work directly with the Greater Archetypes. These master images reside in the center or heart of the Greater Archetypes. Through progressive stages in spiritual evolvement one may open and have continuing access to the master images residing within the Greater Archetypes.  Through contact with the master images an initiate may produce a unique and immortal thing.  

The understanding and use of reflected archetypal symbology is the first step toward the master image.  Cosmos archetypal symbols fall into the various levels of the soul’s medallion where they are first experienced in the dream states, in pure meditation, and in lucid telepathic insight during daytime activities. These symbols are received intuitively in parabolic abstractions.

One may also perform Night Ministry and research in the Third Heaven.

Colton, Ann Ree, The Archetypal Kingdom. The Ann Ree Colton Foundation, 1988.

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