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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

There are three abysses that must be traversed by the dream body. In this lesson, we will be learning about the first abyss.*

In the first abyss, there exists a darkened strip of discordant sound between the third and fourth planes of the astral world. The darkest rim of this abyss is the eighth sphere. The abyss, as a roar of discordant sound, is located beneath the lower boundary of the First Heaven. To move over the first pit of darkness, one must have spiritually earned angelic companionship.

The first abyss is laden with the guilt and sins of man’s physical omissions; sins against Nature, the animal kingdom, and all things having form. It is also purgatory-laden with the reflected pictures of the undissolved vapor shapes of the earthbound dead. The first abyss resounds an echo of the lower purgatorial regions; this gives off a horrendous and frightening sound.

The inverted light of the physical Sun, in conjunction with the lower lunar rays falling into the interior of the earth, forms a shadowy body or photographic reflector for man’s sinful acts and emotions. Two of these shadowy places are etheric serpentine-like corridors inside the earth. The inverted light of the physical Sun and the lower rays of the Moon produce the first two abysses in the sin-body of the earth.

*Ann Ree Colton, The Archetypal Kingdom, Ann Ree Colton Foundation, p. 203.

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