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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

There are three abysses that must be traversed by the dream body. In this lesson, we will learn about the third abyss.


When one moves over the third abyss, they come face to face with Satan and encounters him as a dark being; through the help of Holy Presences, one exorcises Satan and gains the power to enter into the Second Heaven.

The last and most terrifying abyss to cross is the satanic derision abyss of the eighth sphere. This must be crossed again and again before one may become an initiate under the Lord Jesus. All great servers of the light must cross over the third abyss or eighth sphere until the buoyancy of their own spiritual light gives transcendency to their spiritual bodies.

The third and last abyss is crossed after one has extended the range of his atoms through initiation beyond the fantasies and chimeras of the lower astral world, and the etheric layers of the earth. Before one may transcend the third abyss and reach the Second Heaven, he must undergo the satanic trials through the Luciferic or fallen angels. To pass over the third abyss, he must be free of all mental and spiritual pride. In these trials and initiations, he gains the power to exorcise evil spirits, to be a worker of miracles; and he attains manifestation and de-manifestation powers. The third abyss must be crossed before one can give the Greater Archetypal Truths, or Fourth-Dimensional Wisdom, to the world.

The earth’s own gravity shadow forms the anterior, fearful body of the eighth sphere, or ring of outer darkness. The gravity shadow of the earth produces the third abyss or exterior portion of the sin-body of the earth. Telepathy from these shadowy places falls into the thoughts of man during sleep and in the waking state. The three abyss initiations are spoken of in the Heaven Worlds as the three greater initiations. All other initiations in night-flight pertain to one’s personality, one’s family, one’s conscience, and to the receiving of certain instruction.

iAnn Ree Colton, The Archetypal Kingdom, p. 198-201.

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