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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

In my last blog, I talked about transmutation or trans-energization (changing the energy) and the importance of it. This time, I will go into some trans-energization techniques to help you shift your energy.

When we speak to the energies we have created for understanding they must respond. Be still and listen for any feelings, thoughts or memories that may arise. Your creations are like children. They aren’t protecting you – they are doing certain things because you chose to have those experiences.

If you are not getting a response from them as to why you are experiencing a certain thing, understand that you are speaking to a child. See the child – kneel down and radiate blue light and love. If the child chooses not to respond, continue to send love and energy. Continue to work with the trans-energization exercises below until the energy has been removed.

Technique No. 1

THE I AM THAT I AM chooses completion with any and all agreements, contracts, transference of energy, including karmic and ancestral. I now declare that I am complete and all cords, ties, and connections are hereby irrevocably severed. So be it and So it is.

Ask for assistance from your angels and guides to facilitate by lifting all energies and returning them to Source. Also since there is an understanding of spirit having a human experience, it is important that you speak with all parts of your body and share your love, joy and understanding. Use pink energy to relax any areas that feel tight.

It matters not if blockages or energies occur. If so, thank them – “I am expanding and love in their presence.” All of this can be healed within a few blinks of the eye. Whatever ideas or thoughts come up during your trans-energization process, (i.e., feelings of guilt, shame, anger, etc.) they are not who or what you are.

The truth is: you are God/Goddess. You are fully present. So these are unhappy children doing what they only know how to do within you – addressing all in you as one.

Technique No. 2

THE I AM THAT I AM sends you (name the energy) to the Universal Chalice. It is time to go home. You have done a wonderful job. I love you. We are now complete. Now visualize the energy leaving your body and being sent to the Universal Chalice.

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