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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Cancer is ruled by the moon and is a water sign. As a water sign, Cancer is governed by the Yin or Feminine Polarity which produces emotion and intuition.

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The moon cycles the Earth every 29.5 days which amplifies the soul’s record of strengths and weaknesses. The new and full moons are heighten periods of amplification revealing ones virtues and faults. In time, the moon becomes a powerful activator of Soul grace unlocking the treasures of the soul. As long as one resists the truth of his wrong doing, the lunar tides expose one’s faults and hypocrisies. When one works to overcome these negative traits, the moon assists him in breaking free from the bondage of offenses recorded in the soul’s record from present and past lives.

When the moon is in Cancer, it reflects the feminine influence on humanity. Ancestral memories may come to birth during this timing. One may also research the record of those who have harmed him. In the daytime action, one should refrain from feelings of self-pity or the urge to blame others for his lot in life. One should ask that the higher aspect of his service be used with compassion and that the magnetism emanating from his emotions be pure.

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