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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Last week we introduced the concept of “transmutation.” Let’s talk some more about this.

Transmutation or “trans-energization” is the process of spiritualizing the intellect through energy. In relationship to the four fiats of the Creator, energy is:

  • (a) knowing or wisdom through the light;

  • (b) life through love;

  • (c) order through the law; and

  • (d) creation in thought through one’s will.

When looking at this from an elemental perspective, energy is:

  • (a) oneness as air through the mind;

  • (b) union as water through the emotions;

  • (c) movement as fire through spirit; and

  • (d) power as earth through the physical.

When the four fiats are manifested into virtues, the energy:

  • (a) opens the channel and creates through knowing in the light;

  • (b) is centered through silence in its Union with the Creator;

  • (c) is restored through Hope as movement in Meditation with the Divine Presence; and

  • (d) is restored through Faith when aligned with the direct spiritual current of the Creator manifesting as power.

In summary, to spiritualize the intellect one must remember to align with the four fiats in order to speak through spirit. The intellect is then spiritualized through love when the four fiats become one in thought, word, deed and action.

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