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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a fire sign. Fire purges and purifies the soul’s record. Leo is governed by the Yang or Masculine Polarity. The Masculine Polarity produces mind and reason.

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The sun supplies cyclic energies for all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual choices and expressions. Solar gifts increase annually enabling the Christ Mind Initiate to synchronize his soul’s grace with the sun’s archetypal grace. The synchronization of solar, lunar and planetary cycles enables one to serve God as a communicator of Archetypal truths.

The archetypes are sealed within the Third Heaven of this solar system. One qualifies to receive archetypal knowledge through initiations during the solar cycles. To receive archetypal knowledge, one must be co-atom to Jesus. All who receive in Jesus name are as suns who disburse darkness. Constancy is a gift from the sun. When one makes union with God in the Sun, the eternal truths and essential constants being expressed by the stars and galaxies are understood.

When the moon is in Leo, one will unite with their soul power and with great souls in the inner life. One may read the record of his intent as to pride, arrogance and feelings of superiority. One will also be shown if attainment is for personal glory or for the glory of God. During the day, if there is any feeling of pride or immorality, one will be reproved, humiliated and/or demoted through an outer source or event. If one has grace, he will received additional responsibilities during this timing. The manner in which he responds will determine the amount of authority he will be given by the Heaven worlds.

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