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The Archetypal Blueprint

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

A prototype is a Divine seed-form or zodiacal mold-pattern vehicle expressing an individualized Archetypal Idea or Image reflecting the Cosmos Mind of Sophia God.1
Ann Ree Colton

The Zodiacal Prototypes:

Sophia God works through the archetypal blueprints for this solar or eternity system. The archetypal blueprints are original archetypal ideas that have been birthed, or are waiting to be birthed, into the world by receptive hearts and minds.

Within the archetypal blueprints are prototypical images identified as zodiacal blueprints or prototypes. The Zodiacal Overlords who are assisting this eternity system are known as the Heavenly Hosts.

The Heavenly Hosts work with the Father Principle through the power of imaging. Using the energy of the sun to stabilize and balance the chromosomes, they work through the higher transcendental psychical or cosmic influences. (The Planets, the Moon and the Angels work with the genes through the ancestral influences.)2

Your individual zodiacal prototype is identified through your birth month and time of day, within a particular sun sign’s influence. In western cosmology, the sun signs are known as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and a less recognized 13th prototype called Serpentarius or Ophiuchus.

The thirteenth prototype represents a composite of the other twelve prototypes as the sattvic or peaceful nature of a Christed One, like Jesus or Krishna. Jesus represents the ideal prototype or blueprint of a perfected BEing. Prior to his entering into this eternity system, Jesus had command of the twelve spiritual atoms in each of his four bodies.3

Jesus came to plant the archetypal seed in order to reveal:

  • The mysteries of life;

  • What is required of the Initiate to walk with the Spirit of Truth; and

  • The archetypal image of Sophia God, within you, as the expression of your Divine Nature.4

In each one of your lifestreams, you seek to express and master one of these zodiacal prototypical images in order to know your true archetypal purpose as an integrated identity through your Divine Self. 

This is made possible through the integration of the twelve spiritual atoms in each of your four bodies. Both the archetypal blueprint and the zodiacal prototypical image are held within the Divine Self through the Will of Sophia.


The Archetypal Light of the Christ

The Divine Self holds the perfected image of the Oversoul which is transmitted through telepathic guidance. The blueprint for the Divine Self is centered in the Archetypal Atom located in the 12th chakra, an arm’s length above the head. 

The soul is an archetypal center that influences man's thoughts, emotions, and actions. Thus, your archetypal blueprint is received and activated when you move into soul-awareness. Through meditation and the speaking of mantras and mantrams, the Initiate increases the mind’s light through expansion of their soul-powers. The soul-powers enable the Initiate to reach the archetypal presence of the things to come through the archetypal light of the Christ Spirit. “The Christ Spirit is in command of the Greater Archetypes of the Mind.”5 

Every archetypal tone in the Christ Codes contains a seed of truth containing the power to open the revelatory powers and guidance in the consciousness of the hearer. This is accomplished through the Archetypal Light flowing from the Divine Will of Sophia through Her Holy Spirit.

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Stay tuned for the next post on The Archetypal Presence.

Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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The Archetypal Blueprint

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