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The Divine Atom of the Heart

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

"...[B]y fixating on the chaos happening in the world, the Initiate loses their equilibrium and peace of mind."

The Trinity Blueprint

The Christ Codes contain a trinity blueprint that reveals a thirteen-fold path of Sophia Christ Awakening. It is the pathway that illumines the descending Holy Spirit of Sophia into form through your sacred heart’s Divine Atom. 

The Divine Atom is housed in the 4th chakra. The tone of the Divine Atom commands the generation and degeneration actions of your organs and cells.1 When awakened, this pathway transforms your carbon-based DNA into streams of Christ diamond rays that transform each one of your cells into the Diamond Light of the Christ.

"The chakras are like orbiting planets within your biological universe and are directly connected to ‘the seven layers of the heart muscle’2 that surround the Sacred [Divine] Atom of your heart. This seven-layered muscle is intimately involved in the creation and function of your heartbeat.  

“From a scientific perspective, sound moves in various superimposed wavelengths that combine, at certain points, to produce a group pulse or heartbeat. The convergence of your heartbeat with its orbiting chakras can occur through the constancy of a loving heart. This energetic alignment with your heart brings you into continuous synchronization grace with your I AM Presence for the birthing of Sophia Christ Consciousness within, and a new world without.

“When the resonance of the heartbeat is off, an imbalanced tone is created within the heart. So, every feeling not based on unconditional love, such as judgment, fear, greed, doubt, hatred, projection, etc., not only creates disharmony in the communication from your cells to your body but also miscommunication between your cells and DNA. The sounding of this disharmonious note is the vibrational beginning of dis-ease within your body.

“Thus, the energetics of your thoughts create either a world of harmony, peace, and bliss or one of disharmony, chaos, and fear, resulting in dis-ease. The source of the disharmony, whether from the mind or the mental-emotions, will bring the whole organism into a state of separation and breakdown from within and without. 

"Consequently, by fixating on the chaos happening in the world, the Initiate loses their equilibrium and peace of mind. It strips you of your hope, momentum, and the confidence that you can overcome all travails of the spirit. It pulls you back into the program of fear and separation where you become polarized and paralyzed in having to choose “this” or “that,” rather than just “BEing” centered in peace and love.” 3

Synchronization Grace

How do you end the mind-control programs?  By going to zero-point within your heart. Using the Christ Codes, the two sides of your dual nature are integrated through sound frequencies that build a new structure to birth new creations from the inside out. You change reality by building from the Source Point outside the third-dimensional matrix architecture that you were placed into as a remembrance system.

Green Tara explains that to understand the insanity of our world requires the awareness that any harmful act against the innocence of another comes out of unresolved pain and suffering.4

Through compassion, forgiveness, and love for yourself and the other, you re-member that we are all part of the same essence, pure consciousness, and blueprint of life. "By recognizing your Sovereign Divine Nature as a soul and spirit, you open the way to return to your pure innocence as the guiding light through the raging storms of this declining Age.” 5

The pure innocence of your heart is your Divine birthright. "You change the world not by defending your position, but by forgiving and surrendering to what is, for what you resist, will persist. You return to your pure innocence by remaining aligned with your heart in the face of all obstruction. You birth a new world within and without by holding the vision of what you want your life and world to look like and by taking actions to support that vision. When you live centered in your heart’s knowing, life will unfold miraculously through continuous synchronization grace.”6

The Electron and the Divine Atom

The blueprint for life begins in the Divine Seed Atom of your heart. As we go inward to explore the sacred heart’s Divine Atom, we find the electron. The electron is the Divine Spark of creation that is the original holographic blueprint for all of Nature. It is the Ark of the Covenant vehicle for life itself. And guess what! The Christ Codes speak directly to your electrons.

When communing with your electrons, the Christ Codes relay an energetic signature that can bend, shape, and mold the quantum universe. They work through a supercomputer Diamond Light Language in the form of sound, light, and sacred geometry.

To illustrate this point, thought is carried by an electron which then magnetizes to itself all the electrons needed to manifest your vision into physical form. Thus, alignment with your heart brings you into harmonic resonance for convergence with Sophia’s Archetypal Image of you that is transmitted through your Divine Self. The Divine Self holds the vision of the sovereign birth of your destiny through the ark of the covenant vehicle, the electron. 

More concisely, the creative process occurs when you concentrate your prayers/attention/ intentions into a still-point within the Divine Atom of your heart. The thought then implodes through the spiraling vortex of your heart chakra to birth an idea, through vision, out the other side. Just like a sperm planted into an ovum, a seed of inspiration is planted into your heart-womb. The seed continues to grow until it is birthed into form through the power of the spoken word. 

This is the creative heart expression of your Divine Self embodying your sovereign soul-powers of creation. Thus, the throat is the anatomical vehicle for birthing thought into physical form through the Word-made-flesh.    

Your physical form is like a chess piece in the game of life that is powered by your electrons. To fully embody your physical form, it is essential that you engage your electrons. Thus, your electrons are the power piece and the key to physical manifestation.

Through your electrons, you can manifest into any form within your constellation of lifestreams and unify the consciousness within each one into one composite identity. As you weed out the undersoul energies, you collectively integrate the power, grace, knowledge, and strengths from each individual lifestream.


Stay tuned for the next post on Dreams and Visions.

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