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The Divine Matrix

“I have been to the void and found it full.”
~ Bennett Gale

The Divine Matrix is the [hexagonal] container that holds the universe and is the bridge between all things that show and mirror what you have created.”1 Time is a program within the operating system of the divine matrix that allows you to see and live your life in a space-time continuum.

To explain this, let us look at how the brain functions. The brain is wired through its neurons. “Neurons are what you would call specialized nerve cells that act as biological antennae.“2 Neurons are cells within the nervous system. They are the basic working unit of the brain, acting as specialized cells designed to transmit information to other nerve cells, muscles, or gland cells.

The Heart-Brain Neurons

Science has recently discovered that neurons not only access information that is held outside of the body through the brain’s neurons but within the body through the heart’s neurons. In 1991, Neurologist Dr. Andrew Armour from Montreal, Canada, discovered that the heart has a "little brain" or "intrinsic cardiac nervous system." This "heart brain" is composed of approximately 40,000 neurons. They are like the neurons in the brain, meaning that the heart has its own nervous system.3

These neuron antennas transmit nerve impulses across your cells from both the heart and the brain which attune to the quantum field where memories are held. Your neurons link up to information held in a field of energy within the vacuum of space known as the quantum vacuum. According to our present-day understanding, the vacuum state or the quantum vacuum is "by no means a simple empty space.”4 According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic energy as waves and particles that pop in and out of existence.

Consciousness is held within the quantum field and is accessible to everyone. However, accessing expanded levels of consciousness requires you to resonate at amplified frequencies of energy. What you are capable of thinking is based on your vibration of energy. You magnetically attract into your field thought forms that are aligned with your resonance. By increasing your vibration, you increase your resonance to attract expanded levels of thought.5

The power of your words triggers both the neurons in your heart and brain. They each seek out other neurons to wire with. Thus, you can see the importance of spiritualizing the mind’s intellect with the heart.

Your resonance also affects the way your neurons are being fired and wired. In other words, your thoughts, words, and actions directly affect how your neurons fire.  When you think, speak, or act based on unconditional love, you automatically become a network for peace, cooperation, and unity. When you think, speak, or act based on separation and fear, you become a network for conflict and war.

Language-Based Consciousness

What becomes abundantly clear is that a language based on unity consciousness can help you see the world in a new way. There is a body of evidence that demonstrates that consciousness informs itself through its creations. From this perspective, when you become conscious of the language you are using, it opens a whole new realm of possibilities.

If your words reflect what is happening in the world and how your neurons fire, what words are you feeding into the field and into the matrix? What words are you using to direct your biology? Wouldn’t you rather speak a language based on unity rather than separation, isolation, and fear?

The power of understanding and communing from a language based on Sophia Christ consciousness opens and directs infinite potentials as a user interface to the divine matrix for the operating system of your life. 




The Hexagon Container
The Divine Matrix

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

Stay tuned for next post on The Divine Atom.

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5 This statement explains the power of meditation, mantras, yantras, and Light Language.

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