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The Master Symbols

The Vowel Sounds

In the Christ Codes, the Tones of Creation are expressed through the elements as the seven (7) vowel sounds of A, E, I, O, U, Y, and YA. The vowels represent spiritual potential as well as your soul destiny. Whereas, the balance of the alphabet hieroglyphs represents energy in motion which articulate as physical action energies through the consonants.

Together they form the energetic anchors that embody the Christ Codes. As such, the Christ Codes create a picture or image from the Mind of Sophia God. This is the oracular aspect of the language as coded messages communicated from Sophia for the birthing of a new reality.

The Christ Codes also speak to the chromosomes within your spiritual DNA. In this capacity, they serve as messengers by transferring complex code and translating information into your spiritual DNA for the building and activation of your Christ Diamond Light Body.

The Christ Codes speak to the genetic codes within your cellular DNA as well. This is part of the building blocks of Nature. As units of genetic code, codons work within a hexagonal formation that serves as the foundational building blocks within the Metatron Cube. The three-letter nature of the codons produces sixty-four (64) different combinations that act as a computer interface to activate you on a cellular level.

The seven elements are connected to your 28-major chakras through the Four Decrees of Sophia, all of which are awaiting the transformation of your carbon-based DNA into a Christ Diamond Light Body. This naturally occurs when your divine genetic blueprint, as the Christ Body Template, is activated through the Christ Codes. 

Your Chromosomes

The word Chromosome is derived from the Greek word meaning “color body.” It is a DNA molecule that contains part of the genetic material or genome of an organism. The human cell has a total of 23 chromosomes. Each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two (22) of these pairs are called autosomes which look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair is the sex chromosomes. The sex chromosomes differ between males and females. Males have both X and Y sex chromosomes while females have two X sex chromosomes.

If you look at this from the perspective of the Christ Codes, when you place the two female sex chromosomes side by side (XX) you get the divine feminine with the Christ diamond at its center. When you place them one over the other you get an X as the  “As Above, So Below Principle'' conjoined at the center, leading you to Zero Point (“0”) or Source Consciousness. 

When you place the male sex chromosomes side by side you get (XY). From this perspective, it is impossible to create the Christ diamond without a whole connection to the divine feminine. 

When you place the X and Y over one another, you get an X with a root, tail, or a male descending organ. This illustration relates to consciousness looking outside of itself for the Source connection that lies within. So, the divine feminine within each of us is the key to accessing your Divine Nature.  

The divine masculine has to merge with the divine feminine before the whole organism can reach Zero Point or Source Consciousness. Through the heart-womb connection to Sophia, you can root yourself through the Feminine Principle into the heart-womb of the earth to complete the “As Above, So Below Principle.” Through this triad relationship, you become a divine conduit between Sophia Source and Mother Gaia.

This concept goes beyond form as we each have a heart-womb that can be accessed through alignment with the divine feminine side of your nature. In other words, your spiritual and physical DNA are brought into oneness through your return journey to Sophia Christ Consciousness awakening. When you vibrate at a high enough frequency you move beyond vibration into the light vibrancy of the heaven worlds to become an instrument of Sophia’s Divine Will to create heaven-on-earth realities.

“The Way” Inside of The Tree of Life

As you move into a singularity, you are merging the divine feminine and the divine masculine polarities into the One Body of Christ. Accordingly, the Christ Codes have reduced the twenty-six (26) alphabet hieroglyphs down to thirteen (13) by pairing the polarities together.

Now add the 13 pairs of alphabet hieroglyphs with the 10-Base Numeral System (the ciphers) to get 23 lines of communication. These 23 lines of communication directly correlate and commune with the 23 chromosome pairs within the human body. Next, assign each hieroglyph a numeric value based on the 3.6.9. numeric system in VBM. When you add the masculine and feminine numeric values together, you get the unifying numeric value between the two.1

The Elements and Vowels

The geometric names for five of the recognized elements are the Tetrahedron as fire, the Hexahedron as earth, the Octahedron as Air, the Dodecahedron as Aether, and the Icosahedron as water. These five (5) elements are commonly referred to as Platonic Solids or Polyhedrons. These same elements can be found in the Metatron Cube. However, the Christ Codes also bring in the lesser-recognized elements of Plasma and Bioplasma.2

"Y" is the vowel sound for Plasma and "YA" is the vowel sound for Bioplasma. Bioplasma is a gelatinous spherical form that surrounds the cell. It contains solar light as electricity, the electromagnetism of fire, as well as the rarefied vibration of aetheric light. Bioplasma, modeling the original blueprint of creation, consists of three elements as one:

  1. "Y" as the vowel sound for Plasma can be seen as the movement of energy through the solar light.

  2. "A" as the vowel sound for Fire is the electromagnetism flowing from the heart-womb of Sophia;

  3. "O" as the vowel sound for Aether is the life force movement of Prana that activates your spiritual and physical DNA.

The Seven Sacred Symbols

Symbols are living Archetypal energy particles of light that never change in their inner consciousness.3 Centered within the Master Archetypes are seven Master Symbols that relate to these original Archetypes. These seven master symbols correlate to the seven vowel sounds within the Christ Codes.

Each Master Symbol holds 144,000 symbols. When the Christ Initiate penetrates the Master Symbol in a Master Archetype, 144,000 symbols are revealed through the Soul’s Language of Light which is the language of symbols.

Sleep is a state of creative action that is activated through the Master Symbols. All written Sacred Scriptures of the earth have been built upon seven sacred symbols.4 In Ancient Civilizations, scientists have found evidence that the seven sacred symbols are the Star of David, the Ankh, the Chakana, the Vesica Pisces, the Crescent, the Swastika, and the Cross.5

The essence of these symbols can be found in sacred geometry as the Tetrahedron, the Hexahedron, the Octahedron, the Dodecahedron, the Icosahedron, the Cuboctahedron,6 and the Hexagon. These seven symbols correlate to the original Archetypes that are assembled from the Four Decrees of Sophia.7


Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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