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The Oversoul

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Your soul, as a replicated hologram of Sophia, is given all the Divine qualities of Sophia contained within a divine genetic blueprint unique to your soul’s calling. As part of the One Body of Christ, you exist in a state of amnesia until you awaken to your Divine Nature which is omnipresent within All of Creation.

Initially, you are only aware of one existence at a time. However, as your light and knowledge accumulate on your return journey back to full consciousness, you will begin to remember your other existences. 

Outside of time, there is no time and therefore you exist simultaneously in all dimensions. As you awaken more to the totality of who you are, you will begin to have recognition of your other lifestreams which are perceived as either past or future lives. 

Keys to Cracking the Soul’s Code

We each have three (3) lifestreams that hold the key to cracking the code to your soul’s mythological journey. Each lifestream contains a piece of the puzzle for unraveling the labyrinth of your soul’s walk through time.

Your soul is continually seeking to guide you back to the memory of who you truly are so that you can fulfill the soul dedication for which you were born. Getting clarity on your soul’s evolutionary purpose is a three-fold process.

• First, it is necessary to identify, release, and clear your blocks and inhibitions caused by core wounds, limiting beliefs, and viral social programs.

• Second, it is important to dissolve the protective dream veils to remember your soul’s dedication. 

• Third, it is vital that you activate your spiritual DNA through your divine genetic blueprint and the Eternal Atom which holds the records of your soul grace, soul memory, and soul powers.

As you become more conscious of your soul’s multidimensional lifeforms, you progressively awaken to the One Body of Sophia Christ and all of your manifestations within the One Body. In other words, as you awaken, you begin to merge your collective consciousness into one body as an individualized portion of the One Body of Christ through unity or Sophia Christ Consciousness.  

Your Soul Mission

It is your soul mission in all lifestreams to awaken to the One Body of Christ through alignment with your Divine Self. Your Divine Self is your spirit emissary for the overlighting Presence of Sophia that interfaces with your soul through your Oversoul. 

The Oversoul is the Director of your multidimensional lifestreams and coordinates each soul embodiment with the divine blueprint encoded within the soul’s genetics for each lifestream. As such, all forms seek to reconcile their consciousness within the One Ascending Body of Sophia Christ through their soul awakening.

As you merge your consciousness within the One Body of Christ, you coalesce the mastery achieved within each lifestream. Not only the mastery, but you will find that many of your challenges in life have the same or similar themes as in other lifestreams.

Before you can move into full unity consciousness, it is fundamental that you clear, transenergize, and integrate all of your multidimensional aspects within the One Body of Christ as an individualized portion of Sophia.

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The Oversoul

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