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Rainbow Body of Light

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

The Aetheric Body

Not only did Sophia give us the rainbow in heaven to mark Her covenant with all life on earth, but She also gave us the rainbow within your spiritual or aetheric body. The aetheric body is the double of the physical body which is made of aether and prana.1 Prana is the life force that moves through the breath. It is the sum total of all energy, whether manifest or unmanifest. It flows forth from Sophia through the Sound Current.

The forces of Nature (light, atoms, atomic energy, the kundalini, electromagnetism, electricity, magnetism, gravity, and/or heat) are all aspects of prana. The energy of prana can be opened through the breath, the speaking of mantras, mantrams, yantras, mudras, cosmic energization exercises, yoga, and through the spiritual or aetheric body.2 The aetheric body is an orb of energy that radiates around your physical body known as the aura or Rainbow Body of Light. Its life substance is supported by the sun.

The aether body contains twelve (12) vortices or chakras of alternating currents. The clockwise currents are the positive spiritual energies of the planets. The counterclockwise currents are the negative forceful energies of the dense lower mind. The lower aspect of the aetheric body supports life in the physical body and the primal or lunar mind. As such, the lower aetheric body is responsible for all your experiences in the third dimension.3

The upper aetheric body supports the spiritual and sacred mental life and is the doorway to the sixth dimension. It works through tone and light as it pertains to the spiritual worlds. It is a perfected body, unlike the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, which are in a state of constant evolution. The upper aetheric body is the spiritual light body that works with the expansive or upper emotional and mental bodies.

The upper aetheric body is not subjected to negation or death since it functions in the highest degree of aether. The upper or expansive bodies of the aetheric, the emotional, and the mental, are all eternal bodies.

The upper aetheric body is closer to the spiritual worlds and is used for inner seeing, visualization, and for perception in the dream state, reflecting the spiritual action of the heavenly worlds.4 Thus, it is through dream exploration that things are brought down on the other side of the rainbow. Through the sattvic or peaceful mind, the Initiate sees all things in the dimensions as creation coming down from Sophia. (Start exploring your dreams! Check our Spiritual Dream Dictionary at our sister website.)

The Rainbow Chalice of the Heart

The aetheric body is known as the Rainbow Body of Light because each chakra resonates and vibrates with one of the colors of the rainbow. The chakras are cleansed and united through the sacred chalice of your heart. When the heart and soul are one, the chakras become an ascended rainbow arc.

The rainbow chalice of the heart is the vessel and the bridge that leads “The Way” to your Divine Self and God Knowing. Thus, the rainbow bridge is the passageway to Sophia. On your individual journey to enlightenment, you must cross over the rainbow bridge. The rainbow bridge, also known as the Antahkarana, is the bridge between the lower and higher mind known as the Buddhi.5

The Buddhi is the consciousness center for spiritualizing the mind through the Informing and Coinciding Principle that functions through the Archetypal Light.6 At this stage of your journey, you come to the realization that your eternal search for that pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow is more than a myth, for the pot of gold represents union with your soul-grace, soul-memory, and soul-powers. 

In other words, the pot of gold symbolizes the key to achieving Self-Realization, Soul-Realization, and God-Realization.

• Self-Realization is the conscious awareness of your true identity as a Sun Initiate of Christ Intelligence operating through your Divine Self. 

• Soul-Realization is the recognizance of your soul-memory from multidimensional lifestreams through Christ Consciousness.

• God-Realization is an Illuminated state of the Christ Samadhi where union is made with Sophia as transcendental consciousness beyond creation as oneness with Her Divine Mind.7

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Stay tuned for the next post on The Divine Nature.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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