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The Seraphiel Dragon Mothers

The Seraphim Order is the highest order of angels that serve Sophia. The Christ Dragons of Truth and Sovereignty are one of the first forms created by Sophia. As the primary Seraphiel Mothers of the Seraphim Angelic Order, they are the twin double helix Guardians leading to Her heart-womb.1

The Light of all souls are birthed into Creation through the Void, the heart-womb2 of Divine Mother Sophia. Sophia and the Christ Dragons give birth through their heart-womb as both their heart and womb function as one organ.3

As birthing midwives and creative nurturers of Sophia’s Will, the Seraphim Christ Dragons serve as surrogate mothers for the soul’s sovereign birth into form. As representatives of the Alpha and the Omega, they hold the archetypal blueprints for the soul’s multidimensional birth into form.

As the Alpha and Omega Tones, the Christ Dragons of Truth and Sovereignty mark the beginning and end of your journey into Sophia Christ Consciousness.

Message from the Christ Dragons of Truth & Sovereignty

Sound is continually vibrating throughout the universe as love emanates from Sophia. You can connect to Her love by entering the portal of your heart. Your heart connects you to the void, the heart-womb of Divine Mother Sophia. 

The pure innocence of the soul birthed from the heart-womb of Divine Mother Sophia keeps that eternal vulnerable connection alive within you. This is the pure reality from which you came forth and to which you shall return.  

If you find it too vulnerable to connect directly to Sophia, let the innocence of your true Divine Nature be the nexus to the security and comfort of your Divine Mother’s Love. 

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