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The Source Point Initiation

Your initiations are stimulated by the movement of the constellations, sun, planets, and moon in a cyclic revolution that you experience in your waking and sleeping states of consciousness. Your conscious participation, along with the tools available through the Christ Codes, will significantly increase your ability to move through these cycles at an accelerated rate in preparation for your ascension into Sophia Christ Consciousness.  

The Tree of Life Initiations

Since there are twelve levels of initiation within the seven relativity chakras and twelve levels of initiation within the five superconscious centers, you will find that there is a total of one hundred and forty-four (144) Initiations within The Tree of Life.

The superconscious centers hold the key to opening the thirteenth (13th) chakra or soul vortice pool to Sophia Christ Consciousness. It is here that the Initiate learns the proper use of the mind in thought and the power of creative imaging with ethic. When the forty-eight spiritual atoms in the four bodies have penetrated one another, the thirteenth chakra or soul vortice pool is formed in the center of the forehead at the hairline.

When the Initiate has achieved the thirteenth or Source Point Initiation, they will have overcome the forces of gravity and made perfect, whole, and complete alignment with their Divine Self. At a deep soul level, they have acknowledged the Eternal Plan to stand in the Divine Will of Sophia.  

When the thirteenth soul vortice pool and your crown chakra are activated and communing with one another, you will see a constellation of stars orbiting around your crown in your inner vision. Before your Spiritual Ascension into Sophia Christ Consciousness, this constellation of stars will appear as rainbow diamond lights.

These are the twelve spiritual atoms of the physical, emotional, mental, and aetheric bodies revolving around the central axis of the thirteenth chakra or soul vortice pool, just like the planets revolve around the sun.

The Archetypal Cord

The Archetypal Cord is a vibrational cord by which Sophia’s Holy Spirit recharges the soul of man through the sounding of Her Holy name.1The Archetypal Cord is an aetheric cable consisting of thirteen (13) rarefied threads of rainbow light. Each thread carries its own Tone which correlates and responds to one of the Archetypal Flames. 

Each Tone makes up the Hum of the Archetypal Cord. The twelve (12) Archetypal Flames make it possible for humanity to assume a different prototype or identity in each lifestream.2 Regardless of which cosmic light ray a soul is born under, the soul may incarnate as a different Zodiacal Prototype in each life as an Arian, Taurian, and so on. This affords the soul many opportunities to experience, evolve, and coalesce the total essence and substances provided by the Archetypal Flames to perfect a composite identity.

When the thoughts are silenced in meditation, the Hum of the Archetypal Cord overpowers the Hum of the Soul’s Medallion allowing entrance into the Pulsation of the Soul. The Initiate may then penetrate one or more of the Archetypal Flames surrounding the Divine Self. When the twelve Archetypal Flames become penetrable, the lines of communication are opened between the Divine Self and the Archetypal Kingdom flowing in as instruction through the Word of Sophia’s Holy Spirit.

To learn more about Ascension, The Archetypal Flames and The Eternal Flame, see:

Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery/Keycode 888/Source Point Initiation.

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Stay tuned for the next post on The Divine Nature of Sophia.

Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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1 Adaptation from the work of Colton, Ibid., p. 397.
2 Ibid., p. 42-3.

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