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The Tree of Life

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

13-Twin Relationships

The English alphabet contains 26 letters that correlate to twin relationships corresponding to the 13-Divine Masculine Principles of Light and the 13-Divine Feminine Principles of Life. Thus, the alphabet can be reduced to 13-twin relationships which correlate to your divine genetic blueprint and the hexagonal pattern that is the container that upholds all geometric forms within The Tree of Life. 

The Hexagon Container1

These 13 relationships can also be found inside the Metatron Cube inside of The Tree of Life, both of which hold the energetic blueprints and structure for all life and consciousness within the universe.

The Metatron Cube 2

The Archetypal Tree

The Tree of Life is an important symbol for understanding the spiritual path. “The first symbolic level of the tree is archetypal.”3 The archetypes are the original blueprints within creation.

Each sphere on The Tree of Life represents a divine feminine or divine masculine attribute, or emanation, as a pathway for communing with Sophia.

The Tree of Life represents the four Decrees of Sophia which correlate to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual or aetheric bodies.  Each arm on The Tree of Life is an expression of Sophia working through your twelve (12) base chakra system; six (6) above and six (6) below, united at the center creating a two--way doorway into the 13th vortices pool of Sophia Christ Consciousness. These emanations surround Sophia and are represented as spheres of light or chakra vortices on The Tree of Life.

When embodied in physical form, the chakra vortices are brought into singularity through triune relationships communing with your body, mind, and emotions in the lower aetheric body, and your soul, spirit, and Divine Self in the upper aetheric body. In summary, these twelve (12) chakras or vortices relate to the Singularity Principle within creation in an As Above, So Below symbiotic relationship leading to the 13th vortice pool of Sophia Christ Consciousness. 

  • Each of the chakra vortices is a dimensional Stargate Center of swirling energy that is conducive to meditation, self-exploration, and healing.    

  • Each of the vortices has a divine feminine and divine masculine attribute which is represented by one of the 26 alphabet hieroglyphs taken from the English alphabet.

  • The chakra vortices are brought into singularity through triune relationships of sound frequencies activated through the elements.

  • The elements are expressed through the alphabet vowel hieroglyphs.

  • Each hieroglyph is used to form a sound activation code to move and release blocked energy within its corresponding body part, chakra, and zodiacal lifestream within The Tree of Life.  

  • An additional 10 emanations of Sophia express themselves through the 10-based numeric system of 0-9, zero being regarded as the void, and your direct heart connection to Sophia.

  • The genetic codes are expressed through your DNA, RNA, and units of genetic code called Codons4 which are activated through the numeric ciphers.

Thus, we have a total of thirty-six Codes, 26-alpha, and 10-numerical emanations that express themselves through the Soul’s Language of Light. This language communes directly with the universe that lies within you and All of Creation.  

The Ark of the Covenant

The conjoining point within The Tree of Life is the sephiroth or sphere identified as the Ark of the “Covenant.” It meets in the center of a double-double rainbow that has been uncoupled from the Metatron Cube, again creating another two-way doorway into its center or Source Point.

The Ark of the Covenant vehicle is the electron that enables your embodiment within form. It lies at the center of the matrix within The Tree of Life. Your electrons are accessed and activated through the Christ Codes sound vibrations which commune directly with your divine genetic blueprint.

So, each sphere on The Tree of Life is an entrance into zero point by way of your chakra system. By exploring your chakra, prototypical, and archetypal relationships inside of The Tree of Life, you enter the divine matrix, the container that holds the universe, through union with zero point or Source Consciousness.

For the Christ Codes Tree of Life and 3.6.9. Quantum Empowerment, go to:

Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery/Keycode 777/The Tree of Life

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The Tree of Life


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