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“The Way” Is The Work

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

There are countless ways that humanity has created and inflicted adversity upon itself. In fact, this is how humanity has chosen to raise its consciousness. But I am here to say to you — NO MORE!  You do not have to suffer for your beliefs or for who you are anymore.

The Christ Codes were co-created with Divine Mother Sophia to free you from the shackles that have collectively bound humanity for aeons of time. The programmed environment that you were born into, raised, and live in is so pervasive to your sense of well-BEing and consciousness that it can be exceedingly difficult to awaken from.

But waking up is only the first step. Once awakened, you must free yourself from all the false belief systems and viral programs based on illusion, fear, and separation. Additionally, there are so many outer distractions it is quite easy to numb yourself through addictions to overeating, drugs, entertainment, mindless video games, world news, economic woes, the stock market — the list is endless!

Whether you are ready to admit it or not, most of us avoid our tender places like the plague. In my mentorship with Kaia Ra,1 I came to the realization that the reason we avoid our emotional underpinnings at such great cost is we fear that once we allow ourselves to enter the realm of our dolor, we will be consumed by our emotions. Yet, our core strength can only be accessed through the vulnerable side of our nature. To experience genuine freedom, you must venture into the gateway of your heart and allow yourself to be resurrected anew through all the attendant contractions and labor pains.

Why?  Because your heart is your mainline connection to Sophia. When you enter into your heart space for healing your emotional body, you may experience the depths of your pain as being endless as the immenseness of the void within the heart of Mother Sophia can feel overwhelming.

The good news is that it is a natural reaction. What you may not realize is that this is the only place you can genuinely clear the emotional baggage you have been carrying around for eons of time. While it might feel overwhelming during a spiritual rebirth, when you allow the love of Divine Mother to intercede and embrace you in the depths of your suffering, it will be the warmest, most loving experience you will ever know.

At the root of it all, individually and collectively, we have been led to believe that we are unworthy of our Divine Mother’s love. The paradox is that to receive the love of Mother Sophia, you must first learn to love yourself. 

Since most of us do not have a clue how to truly love and nurture ourselves with enough love, self-care, compassion, and respect, we need good role models in our lives to give us living examples of what that looks and feels like. Not only planetary role models and mentors but Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Masters who have already ascended off the earth’s planetary grid.

You are never alone on your journey. However, in a free-will universe, you must first ask for assistance before the Angels or Ascended Masters can intercede for you. Calling on the Angels or Ascended Masters for guidance or assistance during a Dark Night of the Soul Initiation can bring forth a true blessing when most needed. 

Next, you must heal and transmute the underlying trauma related to the collective conditioning you have experienced for countless lifetimes. Now here is where the challenge lies. Or at least until the Christ Codes were birthed, it took lifetimes of inner work to go to the depths of your soul’s psyche to heal and clear the pain and suffering you have endured to ascend into Sophia Christ Consciousness.

In our collective walk with the divine feminine through the matriarchal age, and the divine masculine through the patriarchal age we are now exiting, we were only given half of the Codes.  Now that we are entering the Golden Age of Miracles, Divine Mother Sophia is giving us all of the Codes to assist us in our awakening and in the unification of the two sides of our Divine Nature. Her love for us runs so deep, she is pulling out all of the stops by giving us exactly what we need to make the leap into our ascension with Mother Earth.  

You see, we are on the last leg of Mother Earth’s ascension. I know you can sense this all the way down to your bones. If it is your sincere heartfelt desire and goal to ascend with Mother Earth, the moment to act is NOW!

Not only are we ascending, but we are traveling to a new destination amongst the stars. As I was gifted with this vision, I could see Mother Gaia in her birthing sack where she was crowning through a trinity star system.

Being shown visions from a cosmic perspective, it is difficult to estimate what this means in terms of earth years. However, based on what I have been shown in my dreams and visions, I believe we are in our last decade of life here on earth as we know it.  In fact, life is marching on at an accelerated speed as we are being prepared for the gift of a soul-time. 


Stay tuned for the next post on the The Awakening.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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Learning to Love Yourself
"The Way" is the Work


1 The Elegant Equation of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership.

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