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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Archangel Gabriel is the guardian of the Southern Gate of the Winter Solstice, the Gate of Enlightenment. The Winter Solstice takes place approximately between December 21st and March 20th every year. In this cycle of winter, we have an opportunity to bring down all the energy we have raised up through the chakras for integration in the physical. Here we have an opportunity to integrate the lessons of the forty-nine purification initiations of the astral or emotional nature for the birthing of the Christ child within.

This is where we will be tested in our faith, courage and steadfastness. This is where we jump into the darkness of the unknown to plant the seeds of Truth harvested at the Northern Gate. To plant one’s seeds of Truth takes an act of courage, for we do not yet know if they will bear fruit.

Many people lack the courage to make the jump into the unknown and instead congregate at the precipice, attempting to block the way through fear and judgment of those desiring to make the leap to a new level of seeing, knowing and understanding. It is only through knowing ourselves that we can stand strong in the face of being judged and criticized by others. This is the foundation of the courage needed to move beyond the limiting beliefs of the little mind to be born anew at the Eastern Gate. And so the cycle begins again as we ride the spiritual tides.

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