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Ascension | Earth on Fire | P-4

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

This is the last of a 4-part series on Ascension. If you missed any of the previous posts, you'll want to read them first so you'll better understand what I'm speaking about. However, just to refresh your memory a bit, in my last post I talked about the coming evolutionary ascension waves and gave you some perspectives on the different approaches you can take when the ascension waves show up in your life.

Looking at this picture from a deeper perspective from my last post, Isis was revealing that there are three waves leading up to Mother Gaia’s ascension. (Note: Nature always gives three warnings before she acts.) You might be asking yourself, right about now, why should that concern you. Well, let me share what was revealed to me about Mother Gaia's ascension in my most recent prophetic dream:

"I was working with the Christ Codes off-planet in order to meet the ascension deadline when a member of my soul group announced that the earth was on fire. When I looked up, I could see that the earth was as bright as the sun. My vision suddenly zoomed in like a telescope and I could see that the earth was completely engulfed in flames, as if she had internally combusted. Next, I saw black magnetic poles circling around her, running north and south, as well as east and west."

The magnitude of the dream brought me into waking consciousness. I knew from the dream that the earth changes would continue to increase as long as humanity was out of balance with itself and with Mother Nature. The cataclysmic events that are increasing around the planet are a direct reflection of our collective lack of self-care, self-love, and abuse of Mother Earth.

The healing of the earth begins individually from within. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world and the solution that we each bring to the tapestry of life begins to reveal itself. (The solution that is being brought through my piece of the tapestry is the Christ Codes.)

When you begin to face your pain and suffering and heal your core wounds, they no longer burn during the purification process. When you walk into the flames of healing, purification, and transformation purposefully, the flames are extinguished by the cool quicksilver touch of Mercury.

Can you remember the first time you stuck your finger inside of a blue flame and how amazed you were to find that the flame was cool and didn’t burn? Yes, the blue flame is a cool fire. Just like in a high tantric experience where the energy gets so hot that it becomes as cool as liquid mercury. (And so the name of Mercury as the trickster god takes on more meaning here.)

If you want to expand your consciousness and ascend into a 5th-dimensional dream reality, I suggest you get present with how you're creating pain and suffering in your life. That means learning how to communicate with your body and the many aspects of self that are in need of healing. All those unresolved feelings, wounds and trauma clots are like wearing a ball and chain around your neck and feet.

It’s very difficult to raise your consciousness and be in the present moment if you are still being controlled by thought-forms that are triggering your core wounds, belief systems and programs. Not only your programs but the mass consciousness fear-based programs that collectively keep us disconnected from our hearts and Mother Nature herself. These thought-forms are designed to keep you asleep, distracted and unaware of what is really going on around you and on the planet.

When you get rid of your ball and chains and finally step off the karmic wheel of pain and suffering, you will be able to move your consciousness outside of the laws of physics and the space-time continuum (3D reality). With an increase in your awareness, consciousness, and energy, you will naturally begin to operate in a 5D physical dream reality. The mass hysteria dream that the collective is dreaming, will no longer be your reality. You will be aware of it, but not controlled by it, free to move in and out of space and time, with the power to create the reality of your choosing.

I’m sharing my prophetic vision and its message to motivate you to get moving on your self-healing program. Although there is no time in 5D, our 3D world is quickly running out of time. If you want to make an evolutionary jump in consciousness into a 5D reality that is outside the reach of the coming earth changes, the time to act is NOW!

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