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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn, as the Teacher, inspires one to work with the Image of God in the soul of another. Saturn has a 29.46 year cycle. It is a Grace-Inheritance Cycle that begins the instant one’s heart and mind reaches a sincere dedication and wholehearted love for God. The Christ teaches through the higher energies of Saturn through love and logic. The Antichrist teachers through the lower energies of Saturn as pain and suffering by placing persons into bondage through self-willed, unrighteous and immoral acts.

* * *

Capricorn is an Earth sign and is ruled by the Yin or Feminine Polarity. The Feminine Polarity produces emotion and intuition. The moon in Capricorn reflects one’s level of dedication as a server for God, whether it be for power or as a pure humble server. The core of humility will be revealed this night. If there is any arrogant or forceful pushing of the will, one will awaken cranky, with self-admonishment. If one has true devotion for selfless labor, he will awaken with a revitalized dedication to spiritualize his serving.

In summary, when we dream in Capricorn we have an opportunity to discern our true motives for earth service, whether it be for personal gain or as a selfless server. The lessons received in this timing will reveal our true intentions and give us the opportunity to transmute selfishness into selflessness. The solar cycle of Archangel Michael will provide an opportunity to transmute the karmic past and receive our Grace-Inheritance Cycle in right timing.

Always remember that in order to understand how the soul works with the dream body, you must also look at the lunar, planetary and solar influences so that you can more completely determine what the soul is attempting to convey about your life.

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