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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is governed by the Yin or Feminine Principle. The Feminine Principle produces emotion and intuition. Gemini is also governed by the element of air which relates to the mind.

* * *

Mercury cycles the sun every 88 days and produces Christ Mind abilities and inclinations through gifts of inheritance grace. One who has earned the Teachers mantle of spiritual gifts will respond to Christ Mind illuminations during the spiritual tides of the four seasons. When one unites with the Constant of God’s love, it leads to additional spiritual inheritances. Each degree of solar, lunar and planetary energies is an ascending step on the ladder of inheritance which pertains to a degree of God’s love and grace. One may break free of the bondage of Earth through the virtue of Truth. God, as Truth, may be discerned through Pure Truth beyond the limitations of love for persons or things.

When the moon is in Mercury it reflects a persons mental attitude and thought forms. One learns to blend his spiritual essence with his worldly nature and may be tested in the daytime action through mental disturbances, criticism of others, dissatisfaction or ungrateful feelings.  He may also be tempted to cause disharmony and division and should, therefore, seek the good rather than the negative in persons or situations.

The solar influence of Archangel Michael will seek to bring these negative habits to our attention for transmutation and healing. Dreams received during this timing will reveal more information about karmic energy or grace that is now ready to be released into our lives.

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