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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and is an Earth sign. Taurus is governed by the Yin or Feminine Polarity. The Feminine Polarity produces emotion and intuition.

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The planet Venus circles the sun every 224.7 days. Venus introduces us to the path of virtue. We are initiated in the night when the moon is in Venus in the virtue of love.  Love burns when it is offended and is thus called the fiery trials. The fiery trials burn away the offenses against love such as selfishness, possessiveness, failure to fulfill ones vows of marriage, etc.  Venus inspires us to become an heir of the Christ and God’s love.  The inheritance cycles from Venus are received as pure love which one may use in selfless, devoted service to God and man.

When the moon is in Venus, it reflects one’s record of stewardship over persons, places and things; or one’s attitude of giving and receiving.  In the daytime hours, one is alerted to their covetous and envious attitudes.  One’s karmic dependence on persons and their possessions may also be revealed.

The solar influence resides with Archangel Michael, the guardian of the Western Gate of the Law. In this solar cycle, (September 22nd through December 20th) we take on the karmic burdens of our past unknowing for transmutation. Dreams received during this timing will reveal more information about karmic energy or grace that is now ready to be released into our lives.

Always remember that in order to understand how the soul works with the dream body, you must also look at the lunar, planetary and solar influences so that you can more completely determine what the soul is attempting to convey about your life. For more information about the solar cycles, go to

I hope this was helpful. Until then, keep dreaming!

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