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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Each Equinox and Solstice timing is overlighted by one of the Archangels. This annual procession ushers in certain energies which we, as dreamers, are influenced by.


Eastern Gate - Spiritual birth of Christ Mind

March 21st - June 20th | Vernal Equinox

At the Eastern Gate, we are made new and given an opportunity to resurrect through the birthing of the Christ Mind. Here we put into action that which has been born into consciousness during the Easter drama. The harvest of the prior season is made into new wine through our marriage with Truth. This is then poured into new skins to nourish us on our spiraling, cyclic journey of remembering our Divine Self. Anything that remains of the lower self will be burned away through the initiation of fire at the Northern Gate.


Northern Gate - Death to the Ego

June 21st - September 21st | Summer Solstice

At the Northern Gate, we jump off the precipice of our former belief enclosure encasements. By harvesting the grains of truth reaped at the Eastern Gate, we discover and remove the weeds of distortion that have taken root in our garden. If we pass the initiations at the Northern Gate, we will be given an opportunity to make atonement at the Western Gate.


Western Gate - Gate of the Law

September 22nd – December 20th | Autumnal Equinox

At the Western Gate, we take on the karmic burdens of our past unknowing for transmutation. Autumn is the season to heal the karmic energies in the basement of our undersoul. Here we are given an opportunity to make restitution for our misdeeds of the past through acts of selfless service. If our spirit rises to the call, we will be given an opportunity to make a giant leap in growth at the Southern Gate.


Southern Gate - Gate of Enlightenment

December 21st - March 20th | Winter Solstice

At the Southern Gate, we bring down all the energy we have raised up through the chakras for integration. This is where we plant the seeds of truth harvested at the Northern Gate. To plant the seeds of truth takes courage, for we do not know if they will bear fruit. Those who fear the truth will attempt to block the way through criticizing and judgment. It is only through knowing ourselves that we can stand strong. This is the foundation needed to move beyond the liming beliefs of the little ego to be born anew at the Eastern Gate.

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