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The Birthing of the Christ Codes

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Prayer to Divine Mother Sophia

The Christ Codes were born out of my prayer to Divine Mother Sophia1 to learn how to commune with my wounded heart and the injured parts of myself that had created so much pain and suffering in my life.

At the height of a lifelong illness, I thought I was preparing to transition off the planet when quite unexpectedly my wounded inner child finally revealed herself after years of pleading with her.

She appeared to be around 5 or 6 years old dressed in an all-black frock. She looked like a dried-up old prune with her hair thinning and white. She was so emaciated, she looked like she had come straight out of the concentration camps. Her first words to me were: “I’m not happy; I don’t want to live anymore!”

That night I took a stand for my life. I declared to Mother Sophia that I wanted to live, but not like this. After receiving a medical healing in 2015, I knew that if I didn’t heal the pain and suffering of my wounded inner child, I would create another life-threatening illness. One which I suspected I would not survive as each illness I created was always exceedingly greater than the one prior.

Taking myself onto some sacred land, I got down on my knees and prayed to Divine Mother to please help me stop manifesting pain and suffering in my life. After taking full responsibility for everything I had created, the words came: “Your prayer has been heard.” When I returned home, I went through a three-day purging, and shortly thereafter, I started receiving information in my dreams about the Christ Codes. Setting my intention for the receipt of my spiritual gifts with greater clarity and purpose, I entered a room filled with gold books. Jesus was present with one of the books opened before me. 

I asked what was contained in the book and was told it was knowledge I would be bringing to the world. The knowledge would be downloaded into me as code into my sacred heart’s Divine Atom and throughout the cells of my body.  Shortly thereafter, I received a download of the Christ Codes into my spiritual and cellular DNA.

Afterward, I recalled a vision where I was transported inside of the Metatron Cube where the "Mind of God" was sending out a new archetypal blueprint for speaking in a more advanced language. It appeared as a fireball coming from heaven. When I asked: “What am I to manifest in this Golden Age?” I heard the word, “SOUND.” 

I saw that sound continually vibrates throughout the cosmos as love emanating from Divine Mother Sophia. We unite with it by entering the portal in our hearts and connecting to the sacred heart of Sophia.


Stay tuned for the next post on Introducing the Christ Codes.

Excerpts were taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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The Birthing of the Christ Codes


1 All references to God, Goddess, Eternal Spirit, Source, Creator, Creatrix, Creative Source, or Creative Receptacle are identified in this Codex as Sophia, the Source of All That Is, Sophia God, Sophia Source, or Divine Mother Sophia.
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