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The Constant Love of Sophia

The secret to catching the sound current is through your pineal gland. The secret to opening your inner hearing is through your true heartfelt feelings. Freeing the Constant in you is “The Work.”  The potential is to bring heaven to earth while still embodied in physical form.

The love of Sophia is Constant. Being Constant in unconditional love, one is Constant in Sophia. To make union with the Constant in life is to always be in touch with the Constant. When your awareness is with Sophia as the Constant through your Divine Nature, you will see through the quiet stillness, as the witness, and realize that Sophia is the orchestrator of All That Is. Whatever you see, think, or feel will then flow through your alignment with the Constant Love of Sophia.  

The language of the Constant is Sophia speaking to you in every moment through the Informing and Coinciding Principle as synchronization grace. Synchronization grace provides meaning, guidance, and wisdom in your life and dreams through the Sound Current. 

The secret to catching the sound current is through your pineal gland. The secret to opening your inner hearing is through your true heartfelt feelings. Freeing the Constant in you is “The Work.”  The potential is to bring heaven to earth while still embodied in physical form.

As expressions of the Constant of Sophia, the Christ Codes vibrationally speak to and through your heart into the cells of your body. Every cell is tuned and alive with the vibration of Sophia’s Holy Spirit. When you connect with Her vibrationless vibration, you are anointed by Her Holy Spirit.

When aligned with the Constant, the Divine Atom of your heart is activated, establishing a foundation for birthing miracles in your life and the world through your prayers and intentions. This is the pathway that illumines Her descending Holy Spirit into form through the Tones of Creation. The seven (7) Tones of Creation are expressed through the elements of earth, water, plasma, fire, air, aether, and bioplasma. Thus, the seven (7) elements are the foundation of form and hold the geometric blueprint within the quantum field for all life and consciousness.

The Tones of Creation

When you silence your mind, you can hear the planetary Music of the Spheres within the cells and atoms of your body. If you listen carefully, you can hear these vibrations as high-pitched sonic tones in the form of Seed Sounds or Tones of Creation flowing throughout the Cosmos as the Audible Sound Current. 

Every atom and cell is attuned to the Tones of Creation. These tones produce frequencies that form a resonance which can be heard as a tonal frequency of sound. “If you concentrate, you can isolate the different frequencies within the two hemispheres of your brain.”1

The task is to merge the tones into one where the voice of Sophia is clearly heard as the AUW sound (most commonly known as the OM or AUM sound in Sanskrit). To do this you must first travel into the sound to its Source. Attuning to the inner sounds of the ears will stimulate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, especially when activated by speaking or singing the Christ Codes.

The miracle happens when you blend the tones into one at the base of your skull at the “Mouth of God Center” also known as the Medulla Oblongata. The Tones of Creation move into consciousness as rotating geometric fields of light. When aligned with the Christ, the Christ diamond light begins to flow into your cells to transform your carbon-based DNA into a Christ Diamond Body of Light. It also activates the Star Tetrahedron, your Star Merkabah located in your heart center.

The Merkabah

The word Merkabah means rotating fields of light of the soul and spirit. Within the Merkabah, you will find the four Decrees as the Constant love of Sophia flowing out of Her holy womb waters within the void. The Four Decrees birthed from the Void are represented in Sacred Geometry as follows: (See the images below):2

• The Icosahedron represents the womb waters flowing out of the void as the element of water.

• The Tetrahedron represents the Love of Sophia as the element of fire.

• The Hexahedron represents the Will of Sophia as the element of Earth.

• The Octahedron represents the Life of Sophia as the element of air.

• The Dodecahedron represents the Light of Sophia as element of Aether.

The Polyhedrons
The Platonic Solids

Christ Consciousness

To become aware of the Tones of Creation, the Initiate ought to attune to the superconscious as the diamond of Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness occurs when one is in a spiritual or superconscious state of mind. This can occur when the senses are quickened through the soul-powers. 

The sound current is inside of you. To hear the Tones of Creation, you have to still the mind and enter the void to free your consciousness. The Tones of Creation may first appear as knocking at a door, or the sound of a bell. It can also sound like the inside of a seashell when held against your ear, waves crashing on the shore, or like the cord of electricity when you step into a different dimension.3

The superconscious can also be perceived through the forces of Nature as a shocking or unusual event. I have had many superconscious experiences, however, as I am writing this, two stand out as the perfect illustrations to demonstrate my point.

One morning I was walking in the foothills of the Bradbury Estates in Southern California when I heard a great rumbling in the distance. The sound was moving towards me with incredible speed. As it grew closer, I began to hear the clinking of glass in the near distance as the sound of what resembled a freight train was quickly approaching. 

Suddenly, I saw the earth rolling in great waves towards me. As the waves reached my feet, I began to bounce around as if on a trampoline. It took a tremendous effort to keep my balance as I rode the liquid earth waves flowing underfoot. With the quickening of my senses, an acute perception of my hearing, seeing, and feeling occurred transporting me into a superconscious state of mind.

At that moment, I became keenly aware that I was having a superconscious experience as my senses were actively engaged on multidimensional levels. I simultaneously felt, saw, and heard the earth passing under my feet. It was as if all my senses were superimposed one upon the other which took me into a heightened state of awareness.

The Superconscious

In other words, a superconscious state of mind quickens the senses simultaneously thereby engaging the soul-powers which have the capacity to move you outside of the space-time continuum.

I also experienced this in a dream where I saw myself emerging from behind a waterfall that was cascading over a mountain cliff. As I moved through these two forms in the dream, I simultaneously experienced myself as the water and the mountain. With the quickening of my senses, I entered a lucid state in my dream which I again experienced as a superconscious state of mind.

So why is this important? Because when you commune with the Tones of Creation through the speaking or singing of the Christ Codes with your feelings and attention on a seed idea, you will gain access to Sophia Christ Consciousness. It is from this superconscious state of mind that you can empower your prayers and intentions to manifest miracles into your life and for our world.

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Stay tuned for the next post on Christ Diamond Living Light.

Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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