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Receipt of Your Superpowers

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

It is very hard to get a clear picture of yourself (thoughts, feelings and actions) when you’re an actor on the stage of life. This is why our dreams are so valuable, because they afford us the opportunity to see ourselves and our night instruction as part of the audience. You see, our dreams are an extension of our daytime action. Night dreams are messages from your soul which you receive as the “witness” in your sleeping state to inform you and guide you on your life path.

Whether or not you consciously understand the messages in your dreams, your Higher Self does and will guide you toward life lessons that will help you receive, experience and understand what is being given to you in your night instruction.

In the waking state, we also have the opportunity to be the “witness” of our world, outside of the ego’s judgments. When we learn to “witness” life, we remove ourselves from the “stage of life” and become the neutral witness that “sees and understands” from rising above the experience and getting an overview of the situation outside of it’s energetic entanglements. When we allow ourselves to be pulled into life dramas and energetically invested in the polarized energies that are presenting themselves, we lose our equilibrium and peace of mind.

Source is speaking to us in every moment through synchronicity. When you learn to become the witness to what is transpiring around you, a sense of peace and joy rushes in when you realize that every moment is being orchestrated in divine right timing.

In my last post on the Super Bowl, I saw that the stage of life was delivering a very important message for all of us to see. Dreams do come true when we never give up, never lose hope and keep forging through all obstacles that present themselves. When we demonstrate to Source that we are willing to walk through fire to achieve our aims, the blessings come pouring forth in greater abundance than you could ever imagine.

It’s when we become emotionally attached to anything that we start to lose our balance and are pulled into chaos. We create a new world by surrendering to what IS, rather than resisting it. For what we resist, will persist. When we allow ourselves to be pulled into the insanity of the world, it strips us of our hope, our momentum and the confidence that we can overcome all travails of the spirit. It pulls us back into the program of fear where we become polarized and paralyzed in having to choose “this” or “that,” rather than just BEing centered in peace and love.

Lastly, we mustn’t forget that there is only One Source, One Consciousness that created us all. How can there be a right or a wrong side to something when it’s all part of the same consciousness, essence and blueprint of life. So yes, the Super Bowl is a metaphor for the superconscious humans we are becoming. And with the receipt of our superpowers, we need to understand how to best use our energies and stay in alignment by walking the middle way of neutrality.

Movements don’t change anything, they merely raise consciousness by creating more separation. Through the magnification of separation, the blind begin to see that the only thing we can change in life is ourself. Change happens one heart at a time. We change the world by opening our hearts to the love and joy that abides in Nature, BEing attuned to Nature and aligned with our True Nature.

~ Son’Yah ♥

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