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The Truth Will Set You Free

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Discover why speaking the Christ Code Mantra ACC IMU OVY, every day, twice a day, is so important for maintaining a high vibrational frequency, insulating and clearing the mind, and establishing conscious communication with your DNA so that you create the reality of your choosing.

Excerpt from Interview with Dr. Ana Maria Milahcea:

[00:00:00] Dr. Ana Maria Milahcea: Yes. Thank you so much. So first of all, let me explain. I'm actually a traditionally trained doctor. I'm an internal medicine physician. I have a PhD in pathology, but early on in life I was always interested in healing. And so parallel to all of my medical and scientific studies and my research, I also was educated.

[00:00:23] I went and I studied psychic healing. I work with curandera shamans. I work with Filipino psychic surgeons, and I became a Reiki Master and a healer, and I was able to see things in terms of people, from seeing tumors with x-ray vision and things like that.

[00:00:45] So these experiences have kind of shaped my life. And while I was really, really loving science, I also loved the spirit of things. And I healed myself from cancer. I had a couple near death experiences. So, because I've left my own body, I realize that we don't die and that we are spiritual beings that are truly immortal and that we are here on a soul journey to make known the unknown. Then I found my spiritual teacher, Ramtha, and I've been studying at Ramtha School of Enlightenment, and learned a lot more things about mind, and it was that background that many people judge in science because they want only the science.

See full interview transcript below.

Dr. Ana Maria Milahcea
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