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Thunder and Lightning Messengers

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving day with family and friends.  I spent a quiet day at home with my husband, Bennett, and enjoyed a bountiful thanksgiving dinner together.  The prior evening, we looked at entertaining ourselves with a movie and decided to go see Thor: Ragnarok.

We were drawn to the movie because we both have been working with White Buffalo Woman, a Native American Divine Feminine Christ Ascended Master. White Buffalo Woman is a Thunder and Lighting messenger and prophet who teaches us to live in right relations with ourselves, community and the planet.  As such, I was attracted to go see Thor because of his portrayal as the God of Thunder.  

I like to see how my experiences speak to me on other levels of my consciousness. For example, I recently had a dream where I was being shown three aspects of my service in the world.  At the first level of the dream, I was the farmer tending to my spiritual garden.  At the second level of the dream, I was the teacher going out into the world, bringing consciousness to others. At the third level of the dream, I was a world leader making governance decisions that affected whether or not we would go to war.  

Movies can be a great reflection of what is happening in our world. Seeing the potential of the Coinciding Principle in action, I thought Thor: Ragnarok might have some great messages for humanity.  I was right. Metaphorically speaking, Thor can be likened to the instrument of change as a divine messenger leading his people out of the desert.  In the movie, the powers at large were attempting to take control of Asgard and were fighting amongst themselves to see who came out on top.  The people who were caught in the middle were considered expendable pawns in the power struggle for rulership of their planet.

Our hero is thrown into the mass consciousness of people who are mesmerized by stadium-like amusement games built off of pleasure, materiality and competition, creating a junkyard planet. Tested in his will to overcome the controllers, Thor was stripped of his power and position.  Next, he and his would be supporters had to face their greatest fears and illusions and ultimately forgiveness to connect to their true mission.

This is exactly what we are being called to do in our struggle to live as sovereign divine beings on this planet. From both the perspective of my dream and the movie, I saw how each of us are responsible for creating and affecting world consciousness.  It is our consciousness that will determine whether the power mongers who are destroying our world succeed. It is our consciousness that will determine whether we survive the corollary planetary changes. Each of us are continually making earth changing decisions based on our choices and actions. Every decision we make, whether as the spiritual farmer, teacher or world leader is, in deed, affecting our world.  

Both in my dream and in the movie, the Coinciding Principle was in play bringing forth a powerful message.  We are the superheroes!  We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.  It’s time to step into our power as divine lightning rods and lead our world out of the corruption and destruction that comes out of annihilation and rape consciousness.

From my heart to yours!

♥ Son’Yah

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