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Triad Councils of Light

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

“When we move past duality consciousness, we begin to activate the Trinity aspect within Nature.”

The Trinity is a foundational blueprint of Nature that appears in sacred geometry as the fire element known as the Tetrahedron. Triad relationships exist throughout Creation as Universe, Galaxy, Star; Sun, Moon, Earth; Soul, Spirit, Body; Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, and so on…. You can read more about this in the Christ Codes Books.

When I moved to Mt. Shasta, I was guided to start working in a triad formation with two other Lightworkers. We developed a working format to anchor in the quantum field for the greater good of all. The guidance was to start building diamond light grids on earth and throughout the cosmos. What I discovered during our triad union was that we each uniquely held the field of energy as an anchor, visionary and oracle.

Initially, our field was anchored into the earth as a large red root.  Our roles began to expand and shift as we each received the spiritual gifts of the other. In service to Source, this exponentially magnified our individual and collective field. As we strengthened our spiritual radiation and field of influence, we became aware of the spiritual radiation of three other triad pods that were supporting this mission within our Soul group. It took a year of consistent triad journey work to build the Christ diamond light grids throughout the earth and cosmos.

In effect, we were four “Tri-Pods” (consisting of 12) acting as a Council of Light being guided by Source in the building a new archetypal blueprint for the Earth as an “Eye of God.”  We were being guided to shape and form Divine outcomes not only on earth but throughout the cosmos in preparation for Mother Gaia and humanity’s ascension. This same blueprint is used by the High Councils of Light that serve Divine Mother Sophia on a grander scale. In the heavenly realms, 36 council seats are each held in triad formations (totalling 144 members) or 12 High Councils which are known as an Order. It is the perfect archetypal blueprint for Sophia Christ Consciousness to work through.

At the request of St. Germaine, I am calling divinely guided Lightworkers to form Triad Councils to stabilize the earth’s energy. Imagine ourselves as “Tri-Pods” anchoring the earth energies as instruments of Divine Will. Picture the organic spiritual movement that would be mobilized with Triad Councils of Light in our community, state, nation and across the globe under the direct guidance of Divine Mother Sophia.

If you feel called to perform “Spiritual Mediation” in service to the Divine Will of Sophia Source, I encourage you to join out Christ World Healing Circle for firsthand experience or listen to our Dragonheart Light Council Podcasts. When we come together in unity Christ Consciousness, we can co-create miracles on earth in service to the Divine Will of Mother Sophia.

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