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The Soul Chakra Wheels

In their expanded capacity, the chakra-vortices are like crystal skulls that are also multidimensional portals into the quantum universe, each functioning as a central brain station.

Your 12-Base Chakras

Traditionally, there are twelve (12) soul chakra wheels or vortices connected to a channel of vital energies called the kundalini. Each chakra is a virtue petal as a center, dimension, or density of evolutionary consciousness. The chakras are portions of the soul as spiraling energy centers. These centers are vortices-wheels used by the soul to raise consciousness.

The first seven chakras correspond to forty-nine regions of self-evaluation within the 7-planes of the lower astral world. These chakras are located over the spinal canal of the aetheric or spiritual body and are relativity vehicles for the body and soul.

The five superconscious diamond centers express through the soul-powers in the remaining thirty-five regions of the higher astral world.

Your 28-Major Chakras

As you expand into fifth-dimensional consciousness, you will find a total of twenty-eight (28) major chakras held within a double-double rainbow. The chakras are like a 14-tiered computer interface system that operate on two levels of a double-double rainbow, creating a three-way doorway into a third where the two rainbows meet:

• Fourteen (14) above the heart chakra correlate to your spiritual, heavenly, and cosmic chakras; and

• Fourteen (14) below the heart chakra correlate to your physical, earth and planetary chakras.

The 28 Major Chakras (Linear 3D Perspective)

Your 144 Universal Chakras

As a holographic blueprint of Sophia, everything you see within the universe also resides within you. Thus, the chakras are an ascending and descending stairway to and from heaven that flow in a spiral fashion, in and out. In their expanded capacity, the chakra-vortices are like crystal skulls that are also multidimensional portals into the quantum universe, each functioning as a central brain station.

There are twelve levels within each chakra. Each level is represented as a mirror aspect of the whole rainbow, As Above, So Below. Therefore, each chakra has a physical, emotional, mental, electromagnetic, dream, inner vision, and integration level, as well as five superconscious centers that express through the soul-powers.

Each of the twelve chakras has 12-levels of initiatory action that correspond to your twelve zodiacal prototypical lifestreams. Within the 12-chakras, there are eighty-four (84) regions of self-evaluation that correspond to all lifestreams.1

Thirty-six (36) levels of initiation connect to the three lower astral planes at the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras where the initiate learns to master the senses through emotional maturity.

The Remaining forty-eight (48) initiations are associated with your forty-eight (48) spiritual atoms within the four planes of the upper astral world at the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. This is where the Initiate becomes centered in the use of their soul-memory, soul-grace and soul-powers. These 48 spiritual atoms correlate directly to your:

• Physical body atoms via your heart chakra.

• Emotional body atoms via your throat chakra.

• Mental body atoms via your third eye chakra.

• Spiritual body atoms via your crown chakra.

The remaining sixty (60) initiations correspond to your superconscious diamond centers for Ascension Mastery. Thus, each of the chakra doors has twelve (12) rites of passage on both sides of the rainbow within The Tree of Life. These are opened through the mind being Receptive to the Creative or Light aspect within each level. (See the Chakra and DNA Codes placement below inside of The Tree of Life.)

The Chakra and DNA Codes Inside the Tree of Life

The good news is that the Christ Chakra Codes activate, clear, and anchor the embodiment of your Christ Body Template by raising to the surface the root cause of your undersoul obstructions within each of these chakra-vortices.

You will experience an accelerated path of clearing your multidimensional lifestreams simultaneously from the source point of any trauma, injury, or obstruction when working with the 3.6.9. Quantum Empowerment System in each Section of the Christ Codes.

The Metatron Cube

In the Metatron Cube below, there are two circles of life. Each one contains seven spheres, one inside of the other.2

The Metatron Cube
The Metatron Cube

The Flower of Life Inside of the Cube

When merged together, the double-double rainbows appear as two unified rows of seven circles superimposed over one another creating a three-way doorway into a third sphere at the center. This is the thirteenth (13th) chakra or soul-vortice pool of Sophia Christ Consciousness leading you to the heart-womb of Sophia.  

The three conjoined spheres or chakra-vortices in the center of the Metatron Cube represent Sophia’s Love, Light, and Life acting through Her Divine Will as the basis of all life, form, and consciousness within Creation.

In the next image below, you will notice there are 12 rows of numbers laid out in a pie formation that contain three (3) levels or rows which represents the lower astral world of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. When we add another four levels to represent the higher astral world and five additional levels to represent the superconscious centers, we get a 12-tiered wheel which represents your 144 universal chakras.

The Chakra Wheels
The 144 Chakra Wheel Blueprint (Spiral 5D Perspective)

Each circle adds to 9 when reduced to a single digit, leading you to Source or Zero Point. Can you see how we get from 12 to 28 to 144 chakras? To see this picture with more clarity, let us look at the hexagon in the center of the Metatron Cube.

The Hexagon and the Cube
The Hexagon and the Cube

The Hexagon

When you turn the cube on its side, you get the hexagon. The hexagon sits inside of the Metatron Cube as the foundational container for the Seed of Life. The key to unlocking the universe is to turn the Metatron Cube on its side. This is how you get out of the 3D box of limited thinking into the beehive of creation.

The Beehive of Creation
The Beehive of Creation

When you turn the key, you will see the perfection of 3.6.9 where each level adds to 9 leading to zero point or Sophia Christ Consciousness. This is how the Seed of Life transforms into a Stargate revealing the vertical path to the heart-womb of Sophia.

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Excerpts taken from Christ Codes: 2029 Ascension Mastery.

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1 Adaptation from the work of Colton, The Archetypal Kingdom, p. 274.
2 The Metatron Cube: Deposit Photos #33063289; The Flower of Life Deposit Photos #4691693.