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Ascension Part 1 - The 3 Elementary Stages

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Ascension is all about your level of consciousness and which level of consciousness you are operating from. So, what level of consciousness am I talking about? Ultimately, I am talking about Source Consciousness - the consciousness of the whole body that you are a part of.

More to the point, the soul is an individual expression of the divine essence of Source that was birthed from a certain level of consciousness that needed expression. Another way to look at the term "soul" is as an original thought form. Each thought flowing out of Sophia Source produces a soul (idea) which is then given a physical form in which to express that aspect of Sophia Source. So as a soul expressing an aspect of Sophia Source within a physical body, your task is to wake up to who you are as a portion of Sophia and the whole body that you reside within, the One Body of Christ.

As an aspect of Sophia Source in physical form, you are living in a state of amnesia, unaware of your divine essence, gifts, or powers until you awaken from the dream that you are collectively dreaming with the rest of humanity. So, the first stage of ascension is waking up in the dream to realize that you are not the dream, but one of the co-creators of your dream.

Until now, you’ve been asleep in a protected dream environment where you are a participant in a collective dream along with the rest of humanity. You were placed inside of this protected dream environment, along with everyone else, to give you a taste of your soul gifts and powers.

Looking from the outside in, what does this look like? As part of a mass consciousness dream, you are dreaming your life into existence by the type of thoughts you hold. Because most are unaware that we are dreaming our reality into existence, we are walking around blinding following the lead of those before us without questioning the soundness of their motives or actions. We are like a herd of sheep that move with the energy of the group, not having a clear picture of where, why, or what we are doing.

The 2nd stage of ascension is remembering who we are. In this stage, we realize that we are the blind being led by the blind and so we try to find our way. But we have been so programmed into looking, thinking, and seeing ourselves from a limited, conditioned, polarized perspective for so long, we have no idea who we truly are or where to start looking for answers.

This is when we truly begin our spiritual journey of awakening, seeking the answers from the inside out rather than from the outside in. Yet, we have spent a lifetime being guided by the so-called experts, gurus, ministers, doctors, professors, etc. Most of the knowledge we have acquired has been from the limited perspective of the intellectual, rational mind, rather than from a soul exploration of our spiritual nature.

The third stage of ascension is discovering what you are. This is the discovery of a lifetime. The journey of finding your divinity outside the confines of a polarized existence. The task is to learn how to fully embody your spirit within physical form.

So, ascension really begins with raising your consciousness to answer the elementary questions of Life: Who, What, Where, When and Why YOU ARE.

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