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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I introduced the concept of the “witness” in my last blog post so let’s talk more about the witness. The “witness” is a state of consciousness where we view a situation without any emotional attachment or response to the energetic tentacles of the illusions we have been born into and have spun for our growth and awakening. When we recognize that we are acting out a dream or illusion, it arouses us from our self-imposed sleep to discover that the illusions are really teachers placed on our path to free us from the fixed realities we have spun within the dimensions of time and space.

When we dream about people we don’t know, they usually are revealing levels of ourselves in the dream. Dreams about people we do know are revealing the consciousness of that person. Sometimes what is revealed about another is on a prophetic level, giving you insight into the energies being played out in your initiation with them. Since we are all one, it is also revealing our consciousness. Watch what they are doing without judgment so as to not create this reality in your life and then transmute the energy for both of you.

In the world of Eternal Spirit, there is no time. In other words, time is happening all at once and whether we are aware of it or not, it is also happening for us as well, as we are one body in Christ. So my realization today is that it does not matter who the characters are in our dreams, if they are us, or someone else, because we are all one. The energy being brought to us in the dream is to bring us to some consciousness about it so we can heal it in our soul’s record and help to heal it in the other. If the energy wasn’t ours at some level, we wouldn’t be receiving the dream anyway.

This really helps one to get past the blame game, because we are all one and when we realize this we will realize that the transgressions of our brothers and sisters are ours as well, whether it is reflected from across the globe, across the nation, across the street or right in front of us.

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